Sue Cross

Executive Director and CEO

Sue Cross directs INN services and programs to support innovation, growth and sustainability in members' public interest news organizations. Appointed CEO in 2015, Sue previously was a digital media consultant and senior vice president at the Associated Press.


adam schweigert

Adam Schweigert

Senior Director, Product and Technology

Adam Schweigert is responsible for leading all of the INN’s technology-related efforts, including developing publishing tools, managing content syndication and measuring the impact of members’ journalism.

Contact:, @aschweig

ryan nagle

Ryan Nagle

Director of Technology

Ryan Nagle’s responsibilities include developing, deploying and supporting software for network members. His efforts focus on Project Largo and other open source tools to help members better present their journalism.

Contact:, @ryannagle


Jack Brighton

Manager of Support, Documentation and Training

Jack Brighton helps INN members take full advantage of the tools we build and level up their technology skills.

Contact:, @JackBrighton

denise malan

Denise Malan

Director of Data Services

Denise Malan helps gather, clean and analyze data for news applications produced by the technology team.

Contact:, @DeniseMalan


Laura Bertocci

Membership Coordinator

Laura Bertocci works to help members make the most of our network by facilitating communication and staying up to date on the wants and needs of the membership.

Contact:, @LEBertoc

ben keith

Ben Keith

News Apps Developer

Ben's duties at INN include working on Largo and contributing to internal products and editorial projects for our members and clients.

Contact:, @benlkeith


Irma Simpson

Fundraising consultant

Irma Simpson is a fundraising consultant to the Institute for Nonprofit News. She worked at Gannett Co. and the Gannett Foundation for more than 20 years and has worked with INN since 2009.



Olivia Henry

Editorial consultant

Olivia Henry is an editorial contractor for INN, compiling two of our weekly newsletters and engaging with our community on social media.