INN is committed to helping journalists learn the skills they need to create thriving, sustainable, high-impact journalistic institutions. To that end, we offer a number of education and training programs:

CJET: Community Journalism Executive Training

Many of our members have spent their entire careers producing journalism but have no prior experience running a business. For those who’ve taken on the noble goal of starting their own nonprofit or independent newsroom, CJET is an annual conference that offers a crash course in industry leadership and the essentials of running a sustainable news business.

What you learn:

  • Sales: How to build diverse revenues and managing sales operations, from hiring to compensation; how to build and work a prospect list; how to identify and close new underwriters and supporters
  • Building a membership base: How to become a member-supported news institution, from running membership drives to tracking and retaining supporting members, as well as understanding and tracking the process of converting visitors to supporters who donate to further their work
  • Traffic & analytics: How to understand web and mobile analytics; how (and how not) to use them to drive decisions
  • Impact measurement: How to keep track of who views their content where, how to measure engagement across multiple platforms, including increasingly important social and mobile channels
  • Financial management: How to build and keep track of a budget, and how to budget for projects to expand the reach of their brand or add new lines of revenue

CJET also includes 100 days of peer support and ongoing mentoring from several experienced coaches who can help news entrepreneurs stick to their growth plans and tackle problems as they arise.

INN offers a number of free, self-paced online courses based on key aspects of the CJET curriculum at as well as other unique and valuable lessons. Anyone can take these courses, which include developing a 100-day plan, creating a media kit, identifying and developing revenue streams, budgeting skills, and more.

Multimedia and Video Training  

In 2014 and now also in 2015, thanks to a generous grant from the MacArthur Foundation, INN has partnered with the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) to teach reporters the basics of photography and train them directly on DSLRs, GoPro cameras, mobile phone video, video editing, “b-roll” techniques and an assortment of skills needed to produce quality multimedia content.

Board Training

An active, engaged board of directors can be a powerful advantage for a nonprofit news organization. INN has worked with many member organizations to help board members understand fundraising, governance, and leadership issues.

Peer Groups

INN holds a bi-monthly Google Hangout on topics submitted by INN members to get members brainstorming solutions to common problems. To submit an idea for a session, email