November 5, 2010

Investigative News Network Moves Forward

The Network and its steering committee have done an immense amount of organizing and collaborating and now is a good time to sum up (at least partially) what has happened so far as we begin 2010 and the next phase of the Network.

As of December, the Investigative News Network has been formally incorporated in Washington, DC, and proposed bylaws are being prepared for review by the Steering Committee.

Our application for 501(c)3 status is moving forward while the Center for Public Integrity generously continues to be our fiscal agent and primary administrative support.

We have a membership application form ready for those organizations interested in joining the Network. We will contact all those who have been in touch with us about being part of the Network to let them know the application form is up. The membership and standards committee will review those applications expeditiously as they come in and make recommendations to the steering committee.

We have created a job description for the CEO/executive director position and will begin the search this month.

We have raised more than $275,000 and believe we will have at least $500,000 by the early part of 2010 to cover the start-up costs, the CEO search and the salaries and benefits for the staff and for the creation of a dynamic online presence.

Editorial collaborations have already begun both on a small scale and a large scale and the state organizations and national organizations are working together.

All of these steps have been done almost exclusively through volunteer work by Network members. In addition, the steering committee votes on these steps have been unanimous after collegial debate and discussion.