June 7, 2011

INN Acquires the Nonprofit Journalism Hub

Investigative News Network has acquired The Nonprofit Journalism Hub (The Hub), a resource center for community-based and nonprofit journalism from INN member Voice of San Diego.

Launched in 2010 by Voice of San Diego, The Hub was created not only as a resource for information, but also to cultivate a sense of community for nonprofit newsrooms, journalists, and publishers.

"We were getting inundated with requests for assistance, financial disclosure documents, and many of the same questions about our founding so that others may learn from it,” said Scott Lewis, CEO of Voice of San Diego.  “The Hub provided a place for us to store all of the research, videos and stories written about the nonprofit journalism model. But it has much more potential and INN can help the Hub reach it."

The website provides start-up documents, FAQs, analysis, and guidelines to promote success for nonprofit journalism organizations in today’s new-media landscape. INN will now manage The Hub in order to optimize its efficiency as a centralized space for these communities.

"The Investigative News Network is here to provide information and resources to both established and start-up nonprofit newsrooms alike," said Kevin Davis, CEO and Executive Director of INN. "It made perfect sense, therefore, for us to pick up on the terrific work that the Voice of San Diego started by launching The Hub, and continuing to add to it in order to keep it relevant and reflective of best practices in the field today."

The Hub was made possible by a generous grant from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation, and facilitated by the collaboration of several individuals. Website manager and contributor Professor Amy Schmitz Weiss will continue her work with The Hub as the lead contributor and coordinator under INN’s new management. She agrees that this change will be positive for all organizations involved. Schmitz Weiss told INN “I am very excited to see that the INN will be managing the site now, and it's exciting to see how the Hub will develop and grow in the coming months ahead.”

Nonprofit journalism partners of The Hub include Bay CitizenChicago News Cooperative, and Texas Tribune. For a full list of these partners, and to learn more about The Hub, visit the website at www.npjhub.org.