June 21, 2011

Kevin Davis Celebrates One Year as Investigative News Network’s CEO

Well that went fast! Today marks my first anniversary as CEO of the Investigative News Network and it feels like I only just got here.

Upon reflecting on everything that has transpired over the past twelve months, I am happy to report that the Network is successfully moving forward in meeting the mandate established when the founding organizations got together in Pocantico, NY back in June of 2009.

In fact, over the past year, INN has been focused on an extensive list of needs, aspirations and expectations of this vibrant community. That list includes:

  • Forging a syndication relationship that will allow our content to reach a massive audience worldwide AND provide a potential ongoing earned revenue stream. Check!
  • Creating a back-office and risk management program that has saved members tens of thousands of dollars in insurance premiums. Check!
  • Increasing the number of member organizations 60 percent (from 33 to 53) while maintaining the integrity of the community and increasing the breadth of our content. Check!
  • Collaborating with outside media partners on multiple editorial projects, including such reports as the Aviation SafetyDangerous RefineriesToxic Tour and Disabled Housing to demonstrate the editorial power and potential of the Network. Check!

To use one of my favorite sayings, the train has most definitely left the station.

In many respects, moving the Network from 0 to 60 mph was the easy part. And while the destination of Sustainability is clear, there is a lot more track that needs to be laid before we can get there.

As INN moves forward our focus will be on increased capacity building while we continue to help the member organizations work efficiently.

For the start-up organizations, this means helping them develop their abilities to function as small businesses. For the member community as a whole, it means increasing the market for generating ongoing earned income and local philanthropic support. For the Network it means a continuing focus on fostering editorial collaborative projects that increase the demonstrable impact of our journalism.

It’s hard going for sure, but I for one am looking forward to continuing the journey with all of you to a bright and sustainable future.