November 10, 2014

How INN’s Emergency Legal Fund Worked For The Austin Bulldog

Just a few weeks ago we were alerted of a legal matter concerning one of our member organizations, The Austin Bulldog. A local Texas district candidate filed a defamation lawsuit against the Bulldog and, as you can read here, it has denied any wrongdoing.

Living up to its name and reputation, Austin Bulldog Editor and Publisher Ken Martin said they would “vigorously defend the right of journalists to report about court proceedings.”

Enter INN’s emergency legal fund. Within a matter of days, we were able to get Ken some funds to help pay his attorney. Thanks to a generous grant from the McCormick Foundation, INN can help members deal with legal threats, and the costs associated with defending against them.

“Please know that I deeply appreciate your rapid financial support to defend the Bulldog’s investigative reporting,” Ken shot us back an email immediately after receiving a check from us.

We hope this legal issue is resolved quickly and with satisfactory results, but we’re prepared to stand by The Bulldog—or any other member, for that matter—should we need to. INN has a special page for legal referrals and tips, but members should contact us directly for specific questions or issues.