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#GivingNewsDay campaign aims to raise money and awareness for nonprofit journalism across the country

Led by NewsMatch, 155 nonprofit news organizations unite on annual Giving Tuesday to strengthen their collective voices
Nov. 27, 2018: NewsMatch, the largest grassroots campaign for nonprofit news, is uniting newsrooms around the country on Giving Tuesday as part of a nationwide #GivingNewsDay to support trustworthy journalism. The day is intended to drive as many donations to nonprofit news as possible to sustain quality journalism that keeps communities informed. #GivingNewsDay will leverage the energy and momentum in the nonprofit community on Giving Tuesday to increase support for nonprofit journalism which covers vital issues facing our nation and local communities, from education to the environment to the economy. #GivingNewsDay is a chance for people to support the issues they care about and the journalists who report on them.

San Francisco Public Press wins awards, looks to add radio channel to reach broader audience for 10th anniversary

As the San Francisco Public Press nears its 10-year anniversary next year, leaders have bold plans to expand the newsroom's reach and further its mission. In an effort to connect with broader local audiences and better inform and engage with them in civic issues, the organization's leadership is exploring the creation of a terrestrial low-power FM radio station called KSFP-LP. Audio news and feature programming are in development in anticipation of the radio launch scheduled for summer 2019. This is just one aspect of many that makes INN member, the San Francisco Public Press, unique. This spring, the newsroom's leadership took a leading role in a collaboration with more than a dozen other news organizations in partnership with the Bay Area Media Collaborative, a group convened by Renaissance Journalism.

Four newsletter optimization tips to consider implementing

INN audited member newsletters earlier this year to better understand what email newsletter training and resources could help newsrooms year-round. The audit found that more than 90 percent of member news organizations have newsletters that could benefit from these long-term newsletter improvements in some way. Part I of the newsletter audit's findings that include six short-term newsletter tweaks can be found here. INN will be announcing more training to help members create optimal newsletters in the coming weeks. Long-term newsletter optimization recommendations:
Customize Subject Lines
1. Fifty-eight percent of newsletters audited (50 of 86 newsletters) could have a more livelier subject line, which would help increase open rates.

Donation page optimization tips for year-end fundraising

An optimal donation page is key in acquiring new donors and retaining them. The Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) conducted an audit of member donation pages in summer 2018 to help members optimize donation pages ahead of year-end fundraising and has also aggregated additional resources that are currently available. DONATION PAGE OPTIMIZATION RESOURCES
With the start of NewsMatch, this is the time to create optimal donation pages to increase donations by year-end. Take advantage of more help from INN and friends in the following ways:

1. If you need web development help on your donation page, the INN Labs team can assist.

Introducing INN Index 2018: The state of nonprofit news

INN announced the release of the most comprehensive study of nonprofit news today, INN Index, thanks to generous support from Democracy Fund and the Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Foundation. The study was based on a survey of INN members conducted in the spring of 2018. Key findings from the study are: single-subject news is one of the fastest-growing sectors of nonprofit media, more than half of nonprofit newsrooms are generating more than $500,000 in revenue a year and are starting to diversify revenue sources, and two-thirds of resources typically go to editorial operations. The study also found opportunities for the industry: diversifying revenue sources, investing in business development and growing targeted audiences. To view the executive summary and read the full key findings, visit or download the PDF here.

WordPress plugin update to allow data visualizations across all devices

INN Labs is issuing a major update to the Pym.js Embeds WordPress plugin, formerly known as the Pym Shortcode plugin, that improves presentations of data journalism.

As data journalism gains importance, this plugin can substantially increase the readership for news reports that feature data and save journalists time in presenting it.

The plugin enables news consumers to seamlessly engage with data journalism interactives across all devices using responsive design.

The press belongs to you, not the President

Today, the Institute for Nonprofit News joins journalists across the country in asking you, the public, to stand up for your rights to free speech and an open government.

This started as a campaign by the Boston Globe to ask the President of the United States to knock off attacking the news media. But the President’s attacks on the press aren’t ultimately about the press.