Donor Research Services

Members who have development staff or want to do their own database research on potential donors' charitable giving can receive an annual subscription to DonorSearch through INN.

Services include:

  • INN member subscribers gain full annual access to DonorSearch databases with all available filters, plus the ability to batch screen names through the DonorSearch database for a flat rate per name.

Rate: $1,000 for a 12-month subscription, a 60% discount for INN members. Batch screening available.

About: DonorSearch emphasizes assessments of potential donors’ charitable and political giving, not just the value of their assets. In media, as in politics, the interest and patterns of giving may be more meaningful in identifying the likelihood of support over the value of their assets.

Additional Info: Find the details on how it works and read the INN DonorSearch Annual Subscription Agreement.

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