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Youth Today, a publication of the Center for Sustainable Journalism at Kennesaw State University, is accepting pitches for reported pieces written in AP style for $1 a word. Email Meris Lutz ( with questions, clarifications or pitches. 

Youth Today is a national publication that covers youth and child welfare. Many of our readers work directly with youth in educational, nonprofit, clinical or child welfare settings. They are knowledgeable about youth and child development and are looking for evidence-based, solutions-oriented coverage of this field.

Out-of-school time:

At the moment we have a need for stories that can be tied to out-of-school time (afterschool, summer learning and enrichment programs, internships, apprenticeships, extended learning—anything happening in youth development outside the 9-3 classroom. We don’t do straight education reporting since that is well covered elsewhere).

In the past, we have covered federal policy and spending; surveys and research from the field; and innovative programs or people that have a compelling story related to this topic. 

Stories can be 600 to 1,000 words. I’m particularly interested in stories that are timely, nationally-relevant, or that highlight recent research and evidence-based approaches to youth development and welfare in the out-of-school time space. 

Nonprofit toolbox:

I am looking for reliable contributors to the nonprofit toolbox, a recurring column on Youth Today that is a mix of traditional reporting and service journalism aimed at helping small nonprofits in the youth space build capacity, access funding and implement best practices. These pieces follow a specific template that includes a small, AP-style reported story followed by bullet points with guidance. See an example here:

These stories are niche and related to running and funding a nonprofit. 

New Mexico child welfare project:

We are looking for written stories, journalistic photo essays and/or short (3 to 5 minute) fully-edited multimedia videos that tell a compelling story related to vulnerable youth and the child welfare system in New Mexico.

We are giving special attention to the following topics as they intersect with the state’s child welfare system: foster care, education, juvenile justice, teen homelessness, mental health, trauma, addiction, refugees, immigration, LGBTQ issues, race and ethnicity, and state budgets and expenditures on child welfare. We are particularly interested in narrative features, investigative reporting and visual storytelling, but are open to straightforward news as well. Written pieces can be as short as 600 words or up to 1,400 for the right piece.

We pay $1 a word for stories and $1,400 for photo essays or completed video projects.

Guest opinion essays:

Youth Today accepts submissions for guest opinion essays on a rolling basis. Opinion pieces, which can include personal essays, are not paid:


Meris Lutz

Editor, Center for Sustainable Journalism at Kennesaw State University

Youth Today | Fresh Take Georgia

To apply for this job please visit

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