Editor, Race & Place

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Reckoning with the South.

Editor, Race & Place
Contract role, 15 hours per week.
Compensation: $35 an hour, paid monthly with the expectation of an average of 15 hours per week.
Start Date: March, 2021
Location: Remote within the U.S. South (preference given to Atlanta, Birmingham, and Durham)

Scalawag’s Mission: Scalawag is a journalism and storytelling organization that illuminates dissent, unsettles dominant narratives, pursues justice and liberation, and stands in solidarity with marginalized people and communities in the South. Online, in person, and through our family of engaged members, Scalawag reimagines the roots and futures of the place we call home.

Job Description:
Scalawag’s Race & Place coverage expands traditional conversations about environmental racism, climate change, segregation, gentrification, and freedom movements to better understand both the nuances of how places are made (and for whom), and how we can transform power to create the future places of our dreams. Race & Place covers the connections between these conversations in places big and small, from the state to the town to the kitchen.

The Race & Place editor will work with freelancers to solicit and edit both short and long form stories, manage relationships with those contributors, and work with the greater editorial team to help manage the entirety of Scalawag’s online editorial pipeline. This work includes reported pieces, personal and critical essays, profiles/features, and investigative reporting. Topics may include foodways and food traditions in the South, Black and Latinx rural placemaking, alternative relationships to land, connections between environmental racism and climate change, policing/incarceration and toxicity, radical placemaking for pleasure, or investigative reporting on the impact of policies and economies on the placemaking of communities of color.

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