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New species of extinct, kitten-sized marsupial lion named after David Attenborough

In the Riversleigh World Heritage Area in north-western Queensland, Australia, scientists have discovered the fossil remains of a new species of marsupial lion that went extinct about 18 million years ago. The lion was tiny, weighing only about 600 grams, scientists write in a new study published in the journal Palaeontologia Electronica. In contrast, the last surviving marsupial lion that went extinct about 100,000 years ago, Thylacoleo carnifex, was lion-sized, weighed more than 100 kilograms. The team has named the new species Microleo attenboroughi, both for its miniature size and in honor of Sir David Attenborough for “his support for the Riversleigh World Heritage Area, which he has described as one of the four most important fossil areas in the world”, the authors write in the paper. “Microleo attenboroughi would have been more like the cute but still feisty kitten of the family,” lead author of the study, Anna Gillespie of the University of New South Wales (UNSW), said in a statement. “It's likely that Microleo scampered amongst the tree-tops, gobbling insects as well as small vertebrates such as lizards and birds while simultaneously trying to avoid becoming a prey item for its larger relatives.” The researchers recovered Microleo's fossil remains — parts…

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Pike Place’s new Native-owned shop promises ‘stereotype busting’

Native artist Louie Gong with blankets he designed and will sell at his new store,”Eighth Generation”opening Saturday in the Pike Place Market. (Photo by Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times)Louie Gong had spent eight years growing a successful online business selling his and others' Native-designed art. Fans told him to open his own shop, but Gong said he was only going bricks-and-mortar on one condition: that he could open a store at the Pike Place Market. In part, Gong wanted the best possible opportunity to sell his company's products (reportedly the only ones sold by a Native-owned company in the U.S.), which range from wool blankets to Native-designed iPhone covers. But profit isn't his only motivation for setting up shop in such a high-profile location.

News Quiz: Relationship between Iowa and China

Gov. Terry Branstad said in a summer IowaWatch interview that Iowa needs to maintain trade relationships with China and get good business deals with partners in that country. Iowa has built significant economic and diplomatic relationships with China since the 1980s. Find out in this news quiz how much you know about Iowa-Chinese relations. Three questions that can help you know about this significant linkQuiz By: Jiangqi Guo/IowaWatchSource: United States Census Bureau website; 'China to buy $5.3B in U.S. soybeans,' by Donnelle Eller, The Des Moines Register, Sept. 24, 2015; 'China, Iowa sign soybean purchase for $5.3 billion,' by Rod Boshart, The Gazette (Cedar Rapids, IA), Sept.

The Future of Biotech in San Antonio

The Rivard Report concludes its four-part series on biotech in San Antonio with next steps for growing its bioscience industry. Part I about its origins is here, Part II about its ... The post The Future of Biotech in San Antonio appeared first on The Rivard Report.

Researchers Analyze Dual Language Instruction to Improve Latino Educational Outcomes

A team of six national researchers is analyzing teaching methods in several dual language schools across the United States, Texas, and San Antonio in hopes of improving the educational landscape ... The post Researchers Analyze Dual Language Instruction to Improve Latino Educational Outcomes appeared first on The Rivard Report.

SA Film Commission’s Strategic Plan Maps Out ‘Vision’ for Local Industry

Actor and San Antonio native Jesse Borrego worked with hundreds of fellow local film community members to develop a strategic plan for the San Antonio Film Commission. The proposed plan, ... The post SA Film Commission's Strategic Plan Maps Out ‘Vision' for Local Industry appeared first on The Rivard Report.

Medical Providers Try Uber, Lyft For Patients With Few Transportation Options

Edith Stowe, 83, waited patiently on a recent afternoon at the bus stop outside MedStar Washington Hospital Center in the District of Columbia. It's become routine for her, but that ... The post Medical Providers Try Uber, Lyft For Patients With Few Transportation Options appeared first on The Rivard Report.

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Texas Booze Regulators Uncork Bar-Busting App

Smartphone users now have the power to report underage bar patrons or suspicious bartending with the touch of a button — all while sipping a drink during happy hour. A free app launched Thursday by the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission allows anyone to instantly report violations of Texas liquor laws, including bartenders overserving customers or selling drinks to minors. The app, called TABC: Mobile, also includes a GPS locator that can help users find nearby businesses that sell alcohol. TABC has long taken complaints from citizens, retailers and law enforcement by email or phone. Those complaints were overwhelming for the 260 alcoholic beverage commission peace officers in the state that monitor 128,000 active permits, said agency spokesman Chris Porter.

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Analysis: Friends With No Commitments — Trump, Perry and Cruz

Editor's note: If you'd like an email notice whenever we publish Ross Ramsey's column, click here. Don't count Donald Trump as a supporter of Rick Perry for Senate 2018 just yet. He's more of a fight promoter at this point, or — dare we say it — a polished politician. At a fundraiser this week in one of this red state's bluest cities, someone asked the Republican nominee for his thoughts on a Perry challenge to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz two years from now. You might be aware that Cruz and Trump aren't getting along so well at the moment.