VIDEO: Body camera footage shows Burlington officer contradicting his sworn statement

Editor's note: The relevant portion of the video starts at minute 4:50. This video contains profanity. BURLINGTON — Body camera footage released Friday captures an exchange in which former Burlington Police Officer Christopher Lopez contradicts his statement in a sworn affidavit. Lopez resigned earlier this week after it became clear he was going to be fired, according to police. He is being investigated for perjury by the Chittenden County State's Attorney and Vermont State Police.

The Hate Report: Bomb threats, a deadly shooting and a mosque arson

Monday: Bomb threats at Jewish community centers. Our week began with a fresh wave of threats against Jewish community centers across the United States. Monday – President's Day – brought bomb threats and evacuations to at least 10 community centers. These were just the latest bomb threats targeting Jewish community centers. In early February, dozens of community centers received threats, leading the FBI to launch a hate crime investigation.

DACA Student Detained by ICE Vows to Speak Up for Immigrants

After being released and living through the threat of deportation, Romero has found courage and pledges to be a voice for others in similar situations. The post DACA Student Detained by ICE Vows to Speak Up for Immigrants appeared first on Rivard Report.

Former LAG defender DeLaGarza welcomes new environment in Houston

The Houston Dynamo faces the Colorado Rapids on Saturday night at Kino Stadium. Yes, it's a preseason contest in front of a Tucson crowd, but after they placed second to last in the standings in 2016, it's important to the Houston Dynamo.

There’s Only One Big Thing That Matters About the Upcoming Republican Health Care Plan

Politico has gotten its hands on a leaked copy of a Republican health care plan. It's a discussion draft of a bill that's a couple of weeks old, but it still provides a good idea of what Republicans are thinking these days. Here's my summary of Sarah Kliff's summary:

Good news: Compared to previous plans, it's better on pre-existing conditions; more generous in its funding of high-risk pools; generally cheaper for young people; and includes bigger tax credits than earlier Republican plans. Neutral news: Loosens the list of "essential" benefits for all plans. This is generally better for healthy people and worse for sick people.

Leaked DHS Doc Says Trump’s Seven Countries Aren’t Very Dangerous

Remember those seven countries that President Trump singled out for a travel ban? He asked the Department of Homeland Security to check them out and explain why they deserved to be on a no-entry list. Here's what he got:

Oops. "Rarely implicated" means a grand total of six people out of 82. That's one per year since 2011.

Haviland Smith: How not to fight terrorism

Editor's note: This commentary is by Haviland Smith, of Williston, who is a retired CIA station chief whose focus was the Soviet Union. He was also the CIA's first chief of counterterrorism. It was first published in the Rutland Herald. America's success in domestic counterterrorism depends on two critical elements: the extent to which the American people descend into “terrorist paranoia” and the extent to which we alienate our Muslim citizens and residents. Fifty years ago, terrorism was seen primarily in dissident national groups working against the nations in which they lived.

Joe Benning: Eat your peas

Editor's note: This commentary is by state Sen. Joe Benning, a Republican who represents the Caledonia-Orange District in the Vermont Senate. “But Mom, I don't like peas,” said my 5-year-old self to my mother. “Eat them anyway,” came her response. “But Mom, they don't taste good,” I pleaded, hoping to gain some sympathy. She replied with a sympathy thrust of her own: “Be thankful you have them, there are starving people in the world, you know.” “Well, they can have my peas,” I retorted with juvenile logic.

Bob Stannard: Vote in support of your library

Editor's note: This commentary is by Bob Stannard, a former lobbyist, who is still an author and musician. This piece first appeared in the Bennington Banner. Question: Five years ago where did you go in Manchester to meet up with 40 friends, hold a meeting and/or an event or spend time on your computer in a welcoming atmosphere? Answer: Good luck
Today, however, some 60,000 visits have been paid to the Manchester Community Library. Considering there are fewer than 5,000 residents of Manchester that is an amazing number.

Kerry Fantelli: The importance of symbols and words

Editor's note: This commentary is by Kerry Fantelli, of South Burlington, who works at the Center for Health and Wellbeing at the University of Vermont, where sits on the diversity council for the Division of Student Affairs. I am white. I was raised in a white world. I carry privilege. It has taken me time to see, learn, feel, understand and “get” racism … as much as a white person can get it.