Two Dead, 16 Injured In Shooting At Fort Myers Club

Two people are dead and up to 16 were injured in a shooting during a teen night at a Fort Myers, Fl., night club, reports the Fort Myers News-Press. Police responded at 12:30 a.m. today, finding victims suffering from gunshot wounds with injuries ranging from minor to life threatening. The victims were reported to be between the ages of 12 and 27. Fort Myers police said three people have been detained and are being questioned about the shooting. Most of the victims from Monday morning's mass shooting have been treated and released from a hospital, although two were in critical condition.

The Kindergarten Shock

This article also appears in San Diego Magazine. Sally Cox, an East County mother of two, thought she was doing everything right. She works in education. She has resources. She's smart.

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Life After Prison: Giving Back

Lorenzo Brooks, right, and his classmate, Barbara Price, compare notes as they work on a group project at the Resource Training Center in New York. (Photo by Alice Popovici)
Amid the chaos of a New York City homeless shelter, serenity smells like sweet, mellow strawberries. That's how Lorenzo Brooks, a 60-year-old graveyard shift employee at a men's shelter on West 168th Street, described the calming sensation he felt when he picked up a coworker's incense oil and took a whiff. He said he liked the “smooth and relaxing” scent so much he bought a small bottle he carries everywhere. A few weeks later, Lorenzo learned in his substance abuse counselor training class that aromatherapy—or using scented oils for relaxation purposes— is among alternative therapies recommended for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction (and for counselors helping them get there).