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#Newsmatch Campaign materials

The purpose of these materials is to get you started with ideas and best practices. You will find Knight #newsmatch messaging documents, plus added campaign materials that INN is providing to help sites implement the campaign. You know your organization and community best, so feel free to edit, adapt, and use how best suits YOUR needs. For some organizations, you may want to emphasize community-based news, for others you may want to emphasize investigative reporting. Make it work for you and let us know how we can help!

Note that INN will host webinars Dec. 19 and 23 with fundraiser Julie Lacouture. These are open to all INN members and nonmember participants in the Knight newsmatch challenge. You will find them listed on the calendar on INN.org and can link through to signups from there. 

We recommend you start with the campaign calendar and core Knight documents, and then download the sample materials as you need.

Sample campaign calendar: campaign-calendar

An overview of everything:

General ideas and best practices:


Social Media:

In addition, there are some tools available for calling out the campaign on your own website:

Julie Lacouture's presentation.