Technology Services

INN Labs is the product and technology arm of the Institute for Nonprofit News. We have the unique experience of working with more than 100 nonprofit newsrooms to recognize what works, identify what doesn’t, and close the gaps in between. Come to us with an idea or a problem to solve, and regardless of your budget, the age of your organization, or your editorial focus, we will work with you to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that align with your vision.

Member benefits include:

  • INN Labs products: Our team has created a number of technology solutions to help publishers solve problems and quickly make use of new tech. As INN members, you may use any of the tools we’ve built and receive access to our Knowledge Base and Help Desk for support using any of our products.
    • Largo: Largo is a publishing platform built on WordPress that provides a solid foundation for your digital strategy while keeping the cost of building your news site highly affordable.
    • Publishing Plugins for WordPress: Our plugins enable even more capabilities for news sites, with add-on tools for advertising, embedded content, analytics, public media integrations, and more.
  • Discounted consulting services: INN Labs offers paid consulting (see below) in order to solve problems unique to your individual organization. As an INN member, you receive a discount on these services.
  • Group discounts on third-party services: INN regularly negotiates partnerships with third-party organizations to provide discounts and group benefits for INN members.
  • Training: We offer regular online training and in-person events to help you develop your technical skills. Keep an eye on INN's training calendar for upcoming opportunities.
  • Office hours: Each Friday from 2-3 p.m. ET, the INN Labs team holds virtual office hours where you can ask questions, get feedback on projects, or discuss anything you need a little help with.
  • Weekly newsletter: The INN Labs team is at the forefront of newsroom technology and deeply involved in the broader journalism-tech and WordPress communities. Each week Nerd Alert keeps you up-to-date on the latest industry developments with links to interesting projects, jobs in nonprofit news, and other tidbits we find around the web.

Our paid consulting capabilities:

  • Website design and development: We’re a team specifically focused on building tools and websites for nonprofit news organizations. INN has built and launched sites for more than 50 member organizations and other nonprofits – and we’d love to work with you too. Our team has expertise in WordPress development, responsive design, accessibility, information architecture, visual design, and interactive development.
  • Editorial apps: Many organizations want to tell compelling, data-driven stories and create custom packages for special projects. It can be very difficult to find local help with this specialty. Our team has years of newsroom experience with data visualization and editorial design. We’re happy to offer design and development services to help you tell your stories most effectively.
  • Digital strategy: When you’re starting or growing an organization, it can be challenging to plan and make decisions as technology changes around you. We’re happy to bring our expertise to your organization and offer assistance with planning, budgeting, writing RFPs or job descriptions, evaluating vendors/candidates for technical positions and more.
  • Ongoing Support: If you’re short on technical staff, we can contract with you to take care of website maintenance, system upgrades, and general support.
  • Analytics and Advertising: We offer a variety of services to help you get the most out of Google Analytics, Google News, and Google AdWords (including Google Grants).

Learn more about what INN Labs can do for you by emailing