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Business & Strategic Planning

INN holds monthly office hours for INN members and the public: Info Sessions for Startups & INN Business and Ethics Office Hours, held on Wednesdays.

Added custom consultation is available for a fee.

This tool for creating a business model, introduced in the Startup Guide, can also be used to assess and enhance your current business plans, evaluate new opportunities and develop and implement new strategies and business models.  To learn more about business model canvas, please see the Business Model Canvas videos.   To get a copy of the canvas, look here.

Executive Transitions are one of the hardest moments in the life of a nonprofit. Nearly half of leadership transitions fail, largely due to lack of preparation. Preparing for an Executive Transition is about building a strong organization that can survive and even thrive beyond the leader’s tenure. Why wait until your leader is on the brink of leaving to strengthen your organization? Banyan Coaching and Consulting will help you gain the tools you need to build an organization that is durable, resilient and positioned to thrive under the current or new leadership.

Services include:

  • Consultation on leadership transition plans
  • Training on setting up an organization to thrive before, during and after a leadership transition
  • Banyan Coaching and Consulting does not help with recruitment.

About: Banyan Coaching and Consulting is a team dedicated to partnering with its clients to cultivate healthy, vibrant and sustainable people, groups and organizations through holistic coaching and facilitation. Banyan designs and facilitates high impact processes that are goal focused and flexible according to the dynamics and emerging needs of the organization. Banyan’s work is focused on helping clients make significant, measurable shifts that result in lasting culture change. Their projects fall predominantly within these areas: leadership development and coaching, team effectiveness, diversity/equity/inclusion, and strategic planning. Learn more at

Rate: Consulting fees are offered on a sliding scale from $1,000-$3,000 per day.

The United States has more than 250 nonprofit news organizations, and while they all share a mission of serving the public good, they do so in diverse ways: At some, specialized journalists cover a single topic, in-depth. Others are devoted to covering local news or investigative journalism. This section has resources to help you find, achieve and explain your mission and measure your impact.

Achieving Mission and Impact

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Also refer here from Leadership and Staffing 

Assessing Information Needs

Also refer here from Editorial

Planning Product around Mission

Value Propositions
Idea Generation and Value Proposition (From Startup Guide)

Managing Your Brand

Engaging Your Community

See also Audience Engagement page

Other sites already have excellent resources on how media organizations can engage their communities:

Measuring Your Impact

The Startup Guide is a primer to walk nonprofit news site founders through, in rough order, everything they need to think about. 

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