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Consultant Referrals

INN or its members have had positive experiences with these consultants


Nonprofit HR’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion managing director Emily Holthaus and her team help INN members develop hiring and retention strategies and strategic plans that center concrete and sustainable equity and inclusion practices. Holthaus’s small-group seminars for INN members have received high marks from participants for their clarity and the actionable information provided. Nonprofit HR offers these special rates to individual INN members for DEI consulting services. Members with fewer than 10 employees can access a customized 10-hour consulting package for $3200, and members with more than 10 employees can access 15 hours for $5000. Additionally, all members regardless of staff size receive a 5% discount on Nonprofit HR work outside its DEI practice (for example, compensation studies) on all fixed-fee projects up to $20,000, and a 10% discount on fixed-fee projects greater than $20,000. For more information contact Sidney Abrams, VP of business development, at

DEI Policy and System Review

CircleUp Education’s DEI Policy & System Review coaching and consulting service provide expert review and technical support to ensure that policies, practices, and systems are equitable, free of discrimination and effectively interrupting oppression. 

DEI Policy & System Review coaching Includes:

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