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INN’s editorial resources support quality journalism and provide opportunities for members to distribute their content more broadly.

Credibility and collaboration are defining features of nonprofit news organizations. Our resources help members strengthen and share their reporting to achieve the greatest impact.

INN Collaborations

Read our latest multi-newsroom reporting projects

Content Distribution & Licensing

Expand your reach through third-party distribution

Journalism Resources

Use tools to bolster public service reporting

Video & Animation Services

Find vendors for graphics and visual journalism

Amplify News Project

Collaborative work across the American Midwest

Interested in collaboration and co-distribution?

Jonathan Kealing, Chief Network Officer

Jonathan strengthens collaboration across the INN network and develops partnerships and services that help newsrooms meet their missions and increase the reach and impact of their journalism.

Sharon McGowan, Amplify Collaborations Leader

Sharon McGowan works to enhance the impact of public affairs reporting by creating and managing editorial collaborations among INN members and other selected news organizations.

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