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Ethics & Governance

Review our policies for independence, transparency and conflict of interest

Newsrooms in the INN network uphold membership standards that represent a promise of editorial excellence, ethical behavior and transparency about their funding and practices, a promise to the communities they serve. To help our members and other nonprofit newsrooms demonstrate and adhere to these standards, INN has gathered these sample policies and considerations.

DISCLAIMER: The Institute for Nonprofit News (“INN”) is not a legal organization, and does not provide legal advice. The use of these materials is not a substitute for legal advice, and an attorney should be consulted with your use of the below materials. No Attorney-Client relationship is created by use of these materials.


Editorial Independence Policy

Donor Transparency Policy

Editorial Collaboration Policy

Content Usage Policy

Put Your Name Behind the News (letter template)


IRS Guidance re Governance of 501(c)(3) Organizations 

Political activity by nonprofit news board members

INN Sheppard Mullin memo on nonprofit media (INN members: please visit the Member Center to access this document)


Setting Up Your Nonprofit Board of Directors

Fiduciary responsibilities of a nonprofit board

Members’ board and staff conflict-of-interest policy examples

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