INN DonorSearch Agreement

The Institute for Nonprofit News has negotiated with DonorSearch, an integrated prospect wealth screening research tool, to host its online database and to provide a discounted group rate for the service to INN member organizations who subscribe. Wealth screening is research conducted to qualify a prospective donor’s likelihood and capacity to give.

Here a few reasons to screen:

  • To find new giving potential and increase gifts to the organization
  • To quickly understand your donor database and new constituents
  • To have an effective and strategic method when approaching new potential donors at events, socials or daily interactions

INN member organizations may subscribe to DonorSearch via INN according to the terms below.

To subscribe, please review this agreement, sign at the bottom to acknowledge your organization’s agreement to its terms, and submit the signed agreement and payment to INN as outlined in Section 8 of this agreement.  The DonorSearch software can be made available to all staff, board members, and volunteers of subscribing member organizations as determined by the member organization.

This DonorSearch agreement is made by and between the Institute for Nonprofit News (“INN”) and  the member organization, under the below terms and conditions.

  1. Services: DonorSearch provides an integrated search tool to research prospective donors and understand the giving capacity of existing donors. DonorSearch allows access to 25 databases highlighting detailed analytics to target ask amounts based on past philanthropy, wealth, SEC stock transactions, real estate, and other factors. This search tool provides insight into which organizations a donor supports as well as the source of the donation.
  2. Your one-year subscription of unlimited access to the online research tools and includes:
  • Integrated Search: in-depth philanthropy, political giving and more
  • Prospect Generator: find new prospects on the lists of similar organizations
  • Gift Search: search by individual, a couple, foundation or organization
  • My Portfolio : many ways to sort and analyze information

Additionally, DonorSearch offers unlimited training and customer support via email, self-guided webinars and other self-service online tools.

Although batch screening is not necessary, it offers an opportunity for the member organization to analyze a significant number of donor records (200 or more) at one time.  DonorSearch batch screening of records is charged at a flat rate per record and is above and beyond the cost of the annual subscription.

  1. Access: Subscribers can access the DonorSearch database via their unique username and password.
  2. Disclaimer: INN, in concert with several member organizations, has reviewed the DonorSearch product and found it offers a tool for donor and prospect research, but INN makes no representation, recommendation or warranties regarding the use of the database or the information within by subscribing member organizations.
  3. Term:  This contract provides for a 12-month subscription. INN will send a renewal reminder within 90 days of the end of the contract year.
  4. Fees and Payment: By signing below, the Member Organization agrees to pay $1000 to INN for an annual subscription. INN will provide invoices if requested. Access to the DonorSearch database via a unique username and password will be available once payment and a signed agreement is received.
  5. Termination: Any member organization that  does not wish to renew the annual DonorSearch subscription must notify INN in writing within 60 days of the end of the contract year in which it has subscribed. INN reserves the right to cancel the annual Master subscription if the required number of member organizations is not met. If it becomes necessary to cancel the annual subscription, INN will notify the member organizations within 45 days of the end of the contract year in which it has subscribed.

Please submit payment electronically using the direct payment button at A receipt will be emailed to you for your records.