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INN appoints new chief of growth programs

September 22, 2021

Courtney Hurtt will lead INN’s nationwide initiatives to accelerate the growth of nonprofit news organizations. Through INN, these newsrooms now make up one of the largest news reporting networks in the country, with a membership of more than 350 independent, nonprofit news outlets. More than 2,800 registrants participate in INN’s growth programs each year, developing new business models that strengthen the financial sustainability of news and expand Americans’ access to high quality reporting.

Courtney Hurtt
Courtney Hurtt, the program manager who helped expand the NewsMatch annual giving campaign for news, has been named chief of growth programs for the Institute for Nonprofit News.

INN’s programs also provide leadership development opportunities for a diverse new generation of news innovators who are reinventing the field as they restore coverage to communities across North America.

Hurtt joined INN in 2020 to manage NewsMatch, a collaborative matching gift campaign that strengthens the fundraising capabilities of nonprofit newsrooms and promotes giving to journalism in the U.S. The most recent end-of-year campaign for NewsMatch saw a 19 percent increase in investments made through the program.

“Hurtt is a key leader in the redevelopment of news as a social enterprise. Her business and nonprofit experience, combined with the needs of our entrepreneurial members, sets a vision for what is possible in reinventing news media,” said Sue Cross, INN executive director and CEO. “She brings a deep commitment to making news more inclusive and the design thinking to create programs giving our members leverage and resources to grow.” 

“The nonprofit news field is at an exciting place where innovation and compassion intersect,” said Courtney Hurtt, INN’s new chief of growth programs. “News leaders and entrepreneurs around the country are shaping what the future of journalism will look like as a public service. This is what inspires me the most and I am looking forward to supporting the growth of this emerging field.”

Prior to joining INN, Courtney led collaborative initiatives to diversify audience and revenue for WDET, Detroit’s public radio station. As associate director of product strategy and operations, Courtney created “Framed by WDET,” an award-winning series of audio-visual exhibitions that have appeared in more than 20 local community venues.

Courtney graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Cultures in Politics from Michigan State University and has an MBA in Information Systems Management from Wayne State University.  In 2017, she was named a German Marshall Fellow and traveled across Europe to explore the role journalism plays in restoring democracy. She is based in Pittsburgh, PA.

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