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Chapter Eleven

For many of us who have worked in the news business for some time, it has been a roller-coaster of digital innovation and evolution, new players, courageous innovation and commitment to community, shrinking legacy media, and an obsessive focus on finances. Many of us became journalists with idealistic notions of digging out the truth, telling stories, and having a thrilling front seat to world events. Some of us just loved the adventure of a profession built on the unexpected, a new story every day.

The economic decline of commercial media has been disheartening. The green shoots of the fledgling nonprofit news ecosystem have been soul-saving. INN itself began in 2009 when 27 journalists, concerned about cuts to enterprise reporting, gathered to plan the future of investigative journalism. INN is now more than 300 strong. Dedicated people from news, communities, philanthropy, and educational realms are building new ways to inform communities, hold the powerful accountable and help keep our democracy free.

Going this route is an adventure and a continual transformation. Many of us have made multiple mental shifts, from journalist to business person, from community or business leaders to journalism leaders. We know that while journalism is our mission, it is not, by itself, the product or a business model.

Success requires surfing the waves of continual change, of innovating and pivoting, of forging alliances and developing new skills in fundraising, community engagement and new products, from newsletters and video/audio to events to membership programs.

It is incredibly demanding, rewarding and meaningful work. Join us. 


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