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Chapter Two

It is important to have positive reasons to pursue nonprofit status, beyond a hoped-for exit strategy from a failing business. Many publishers are inspired to explore nonprofit options because of the market shifts that have made running for-profit news businesses terribly difficult. That is understandable. But nonprofit status is  not a silver bullet and you still need to find a way to make the business sustainable. 

Here are some questions that others found helpful to consider early in the process. 

Above all, please be aware that becoming a nonprofit news organization is transformation on all levels and is a big lift. The business model, ownership and governance changes. The relationship between the community and the reporting and editorial staff changes. Advertisers and subscribers need to understand and support these changes as well. This guide can help you identify places where such a transition is likely to have the biggest impact on your current model, and areas where you will need to weigh your capacity to make these changes.  


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