b'Journalismphilanthropyhastraditionallybeenconcen- funders,NewsMatchhashelpedSmithandteamdra-trated within well-established public media organizationsmatically expand their base of support, attracting fund-and large-scale journalism outlets in major metropolitaning from people and institutions across Milwaukee, not areas.Theseareessentialpillarsofthemediaenviron- just from within the communities NNS primarily serves. ment. However, there are also hundreds of other import- With this broader base of support, NNS has been able, ant nonprofit newsrooms doing critical work.year-after-year, to expand and engage its donor network, withdollarsraiseddirectlyinfluencingthedepthand Many of these organizations are led by and/or focusedquality of reporting produced.on communities of color. They are often hyper-local in focus. Some exist within our major metropolitan areas,Powerful in itself, INN helps organizations like NNS fully but others are spread between the coasts, including ruralrealize the opportunities created by NewsMatch through communities.its Network Philanthropy Center, which trains members to retain new donors, deepen relationships and establish ByprovidingtheNNSwiththetraining,toolsandthemajor giving programs.legitimacy that comes from being aligned with nationalI believe that it is fair to say that the Patagonia Regional Times would not be here if it werent for INN and NewsMatch. . . Thanks to NewsMatch, we have been able to triple our staff (from two tosixparttimeemployees)andexponentiallyincreaseour audience.Marion VendituoliManaging Editor, Patagonia Regional Times11'