b'GETTING BEYOND SIMPLE ANSWERS ON EQUITYPhoto: J. Tyler Franklin, Louisville Public MediaSINCE 2017, THE INN INDEX HAS HELPED GENERATE3.HowsuccessfulareINNmembersinservingthe actionable intelligence about the state of nonprofit news,information needs of communities of color and oth-with a steady focus on growth, revenue, editorial focusergroupshistoricallyandintentionallyexcludedby and best practices. Participation has steadily increased,mainstream media?with more than 90% of member organizations participat-ing in our most recent survey. 4.What patterns exist between revenue generation and DEI orientation?Building on this capacity, in 2022 we revamped our model to provide greater focus on the field-defining issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. With a planned releaseThis work is being guided by a team of experts, including in the summer of 2023, this work will provide substan- lead researcher Susanna Dilliplane whose work focuses tive, data-driven answers to the following questions: on support for news and information ecosystems, dem-ocratic and civic participation, and policy change. Dillip-1.What is the demographic composition of nonprofitlane is joined by advisors Steve Dubb, Sanjay Jolly, Gabe newsstaff,leadershipandboardstoday?HowdoSchneider, Mc Nelly Torres and Sisi Wei. We have also thesedemographicscomparetoboththegenerallearned from DEI measurement and research efforts by populationandjournalismindustry?HowaretheyChalkbeat, ProPublica, Southern California Public Radio, changing over time? Carla Murphys Leavers Survey, the Building Movement ProjectsRacetoLeadsurveyandFundersforLGBTQ 2.WhatinternalpracticeshavemosteffectivelyIssues, among others.advanced diversity, equity and inclusion goals within nonprofit newsrooms? With their research, network and know-how, INN has its finger on the pulse of nonprofit news. No one understands the issues and trends bet-ter. They are the go-to experts at a time of rapid evolution and catalytic growth in the field.Rhiannon Meyers ColletteDirector of Journalism, Arnold Ventures12'