b'TRUSTED NEWS FOR EVERYONE, EVERYWHEREDear INN Members & Supporters,EveryoneineverycommunityshouldhaveaccesstoSecond, to realize system change on a national scale, the trusted news. Why? Because we are all constantly takingINN Network is a collective endeavor. We bring together actionsin our consumer choices, in our relationshipshundreds of newsrooms and thousands of journalists and with neighbors, about our health, in our votesthat havenews entrepreneursacross geography, scale, editorial consequence. Good journalism doesnt dictate how peo- focus and development stageto build a news network ple act, but it helps us to take informed actions. It lifts usequal to the complex needs of our diverse communities. above bias, speculation or simple ignorance. Trailblazing alone, unstoppable together.All of INNs work is about making trusted, reliable newsSteep challenges remain, but with each year we are closer more accessible to more people. Its that simple. We arethan ever before to making free access to trusted, reli-gratefultosharethisambitionwithmanyothers,andable and relevant news a reality for all Americans. in this report we want to celebrate two distinctions that define our approach.First, INN begins with a commitment to nonprofit news as a shared public service. This news is: fCreated in the public interest, liberated from a prof-it obligation and independent of any cause beyond informing the people it servesfCommitted to transparency and truthfReflective of the communities it serves fSubstantive on issues of local, state, regional, national and international relevancefEmpowering of those who aspire to better understandSUE CROSS MARCIA PARKERand engage with the world Executive Director & CEO Board ChairInstitute for Nonprofit News Vice President,Philanthropic PartnershipsThe New York Times3'