b'FINANCIALSRevenue for 2022 came in at approximately $4.875 millionOPERATING EXPENSESand INNs cumulative reserve was $1.6 million, which is within best practice guidelines and ensures continuation Fundraisingof member services in case of revenue volatility.*$367,000 9%Allfiguresarepreliminaryandunaudited,roundedto Administrativenearest $1,000. Totals exclude fiscally sponsored projects,$408,000 11%which are broken out separately below.80% INN programs$3,099,000OPERATING REVENUESponsorship Individual donors $168,000 $75,000Other revenue$33,000 2% About 80% of INNs 2022 expenses were directed to pro-Member dues and3% gramming,ofwhich42%compriseddirectsupportto program fees member organizations or service fees paid on their behalf.$580,000 12%Through relationships with key partners, INN estimates it has provided over $600,000 of direct benefits in 2022 to our members through stipends for fellows and interns, 58% Restricted grantstravel, collaborations, coaches, and peer group mentors. Unrestricted24% $2,834,000grantsIn 2022, INNs preferred partnerships, discounts and rela-$1,185,000 tionshipswithvendorsenabledeveryINNmemberto access resources they otherwise couldnt and receive dis-counts of up to $3,600 depending on the partnerships and discounts they choose.FISCAL SPONSORSHIP PROGRAMSINNhelpslaunchandsupportnewsorganizationsbySponsored Project Revenue$3,409,000providing fiscal sponsorship, a program under which INNSponsored Project Expense .$2,308,000 serves as their 501(c)3 umbrella organization and handlesNet All Fiscally Sponsored Projects$1,101,000 their finances. Funds Released to Separated FS Orgs .$123,000*Cumulative reserves are calculated as total cash and investments valued at year end, less amounts needed for imme-diate short-term operations.Full financials, tax filings, annual reports and audits can be found online at: https://inn.org/about/financials/15'