b'226% 278% 286%INN NetworkINN memberINN Network journalists newsrooms revenue2026(PROJECTED) 5,000 600 $1 BILLION+2023 3,5004,200 400 $600800 MILLION2017 2,200 180 $350 MILLIONINN HAS BEEN ON A RAPID, STEEP GROWTH trajecto- For comparison, the nations largest newspaper compa-ry since its founding in 2009. This chart, reflecting INNsny,Gannett,reportedemploying3,200journalistsasof 20232026 strategic plan, projects a 10-year horizon forthe end of 2022. National Public Radios website states that nonprofit news that brings the field to a new level of pos- itanditsmemberstationsemployapproximately2,200 sibility and impact by 2026. journalists.NewsMatch, a groundbreaking collaborative funding initiative, has helped newsrooms gener-ate more than $270 million in community support.The INN membership today largely mirrors the racial and ethnic makeup of the American workforce as a whole.More than 56% of funding raised by INN is directly passed to members through NewsMatch and other direct payments.Original reporting from INNs 400 members is distributedthrough7,000mediaoutletsincluding many for-profit partnersand reaches millions.5'