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INN Days

June 11-12 | San Diego, California

Conference Tracks

Expanding our reach. How newsrooms are creating solutions to meet communities where they are while addressing the challenges of scaling and sustaining these innovative ideas.

Defending democracy. Tactics and tools organizations are adopting to protect against emerging threats to news organizations, journalists, and democratic processes in their communities.

Funding the work. Ways news organizations and funders are evolving their practices to increase financial support for journalism while navigating the challenges of sustaining a rapidly growing field.

Transforming the workspace. Actions newsrooms are taking to center diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in their work culture and effectively attract and retain the talent they need.

Connecting the field. Opportunities to network, exchange ideas, and build new relationships with leaders across the field.

Watch video recordings from the conference.

Karen Rundlet, the new CEO and Executive Director of the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN), welcomes attendees to INN Days 2024.

There are many reasons to worry about the future of journalism, yet there is also a strong conviction to ensure independent news providers thrive. Industry stakeholders experience and perceive this tension in various ways. Hear them unpack these challenges and explore opportunities to address them.

Press Forward is investing more than $500 million to strengthen local newsrooms. Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Andrew Simon will lead a conversation with funders committed to the effort, exploring their vision for the future of journalism sustainability and the role of philanthropy.

As public service journalism evolves, news leaders are adapting their approaches, considering how workplace culture and employees’ life experiences influence the reporting process. Hear firsthand what it’s like inside outlets adopting new practices to improve the workspace and the impact that has had on their work.

In 2009, journalists established the Investigative News Network, now known as the Institute for Nonprofit News. Today, INN strengthens and supports about 450 independent news organizations. Many have won prestigious awards, innovated new ways to engage audiences, and diversified their revenue over time. This session reflects on how the field has evolved, note lessons learned, and imagine future possibilities.

Past Conferences

In 2023, INN Days brought together more than 400 news leaders, journalism supporters and civic innovators from 250 unique organizations.

View available videos and resources from past conferences below.

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