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INN Days

INN Days 2023 feature image including photos of INN members at various events

INN Days
June 8-9, 2023
George Washington University, Washington, D.C.


Happening alongside and in partnership with the Collaborative Journalism Summit. Learn more.

Sold Out. We’ve reached capacity for INN Days 2023. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Attendees: View our Attendee Guide to view the venue map and directions, information on WiFi access, speaker bios and more.

Where nonprofit news meets civic impact

It’s been four years since we last gathered together in person for INN Days. Since then, nonprofit news has sustained its growth, with more people served than ever before. The 400+ newsrooms of the INN Network have emerged from the global pandemic and a tumultuous election cycle with practices and visions to address ground-shifting changes within the world and communities they serve.

This year, INN will bring together news leaders, journalism supporters, and civic innovators in-person to explore how nonprofit news organizations are expanding services, refining funding models, and working collectively to achieve growth and civic impact.

Join us to participate in practical skill-building sessions and future-forward conversations that advance our shared vision of building a sustainable and impactful nonprofit news ecosystem.

One week. Same city. Two great conferences, back-to-back.

INN Days will take place alongside and in partnership with the Collaborative Journalism Summit, hosted by the Center for Cooperative Media. The summit will take place on June 6-7, followed by INN Days on June 8-9. 

Questions? Please reach out to our INN Days team at


Click through the agenda and see the schedule at a glance below. You can also view the full program as a PDF here.

6-8 p.m. ET

Opening Reception

Connect with fellow attendees and enjoy delicious food and drinks on the Hotel Hive rooftop.

Location: Hotel Hive, 2224 F St NW, Washington, DC 20037

Brought to you by Democracy Fund


9:00 A.M. ET

What’s New about Local News?

It’s no secret that local news is declining, but what new models are
sprouting in its stead? We’ll look at people in the nonprofit field
and beyond who are taking different approaches to rebuilding local
news with something new.

Speakers: Delano Massey (Axios), Emily Sachar (The Daily Catch), Nicolás Ríos (Documented)

Moderator: Sean Rameswaram (Vox)

10:15 A.M. ET

Collaborative Fundraising Showcase

This is a showcase of fundraising collectives that are building
structures together and finding success around attracting major donors and large grants, building messaging campaigns and
creating greater efficiencies along the way.

Speakers: Andrew Ramsammy (Local Media Association/Word In Black), Melanie Plenda (Granite State News Collaborative), Sonya Quick (CalMatters)

Moderator: Stephanie Schenkel (Institute for Nonprofit News)

Embedded: Duty of Care to Community-Based

This isn’t parachute journalism. Instead, nonprofit newsrooms
are building in-depth coverage with reporters who live in the
same small communities where they work. Learn how leaders are
prioritizing the safety and well-being of people who don’t (or can’t) pack up and leave town at the end of the day.

Speakers: Yukari Kane (Prison Journalism Project), Laxmi Parthasarathy (Global Press), Nina Misuraca Ignaczak (Planet Detroit)

Moderator: Sara Shahriari (Institute for Nonprofit News)

Lessons from Startups: What I Wish I’d Known
When Starting Out

What are the major pitfalls a nonprofit news founder should avoid? What are the critical steps a startup needs to take? In this session,
one founder unearths key lessons learned from two nonprofit news
founders, LION, and the Google News Initiative. Sponsored by Google News Initiative

Speakers: Irene McKisson (Arizona Luminaria), Nissa Rhee (Borderless Magazine NFP), Lisa Heyamoto (LION Publishers), Tina Xiao (Google News Initiative)

Moderator: Krystal Knapp (The Jersey Vindicator)

Simple Strategies for Growing Your Audience

The Salt Lake Tribune has consistently expanded its audience with a
sharp focus on strategies that can work for any newsroom. The session
will share the playbook for how to rally everyone around simple
content strategies and distribution tactics that make a difference.

Speaker: Lauren Gustus (The Salt Lake Tribune)

11:30 A.M. ET

Building a Winning Republication Strategy

The public benefits from free news, but it creates issues for organizations investing in original reporting. This session will explore when to offer
republication rights, take advantage of other INN members’ reporting
and create policies that bolster your position, authority and reach.

Speakers: Joel Abrams (The Conversation U.S.)

Moderator: Dylan Smith (Tucson Sentinel) 

Don’t Be Afraid to Say Who You Are: How Strategic Rebranding Leads to Growth

Charlottesville Tomorrow and Outlier Media recently completed
rebranding efforts that led to record levels of giving for their organizations. They’ll break down what led to the rebrand, the steps they took, and the ultimate outcomes (Hint! It’s more than just a new logo).

Speakers: Michaux Hood (Charlottesville Tomorrow), Candice Fortman (Outlier Media)

Moderator: Courtney Lewis (Institute for Nonprofit News)

INN’s 2023 Index: Key Updates on the Nonprofit News Sector’s Revenue and DEI Trends

New data from the INN Index 2023 show how revenue across the nonprofit news sector expands to sustain more outlets and more staff. Learn about the latest trends, opportunities and challenges for nonprofit news in the years ahead. This session takes a deeper look at our sector’s growth and the state of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Speakers: Emily Roseman (Institute for Nonprofit News), Susanna Dilliplane (Dilliplane Consulting)

Table Talk: Collaborations

Collaborations enable newsrooms to produce impactful journalism
through shared resources, new funding opportunities and tools to reach new audiences. Join small group discussions to explore the different
opportunities to work with one another to achieve greater impact.

Facilitators: Allison Levine (Local Journalism Initiative of Delaware), Sara Hebel (Open Campus), Alana Rocha (Institute for Nonprofit News), Lisa Gardner-Springer (Institute for Nonprofit News), Scott Elliott (Consultant), Joshua Wise (Public News Service), Laura Frank (Colorado News Collaborative), Jenny Jacklin-Stratton (CatchLight)

2:00 P.M. ET

Building Community Trust: Engagement Tools & Best Practices

Making local reporting accessible and immediately useful to those
it serves requires engagement beyond clicks. In this session, Resolve
Philly and MLK50: Justice Through Journalism will share the tools
and best practices they use to weave community engagement and listening into their reporting.

Speakers: Wendi Thomas (MLK50: Justice Through Journalism), Jingyao Yu (Resolve Philly)

Moderator: Derrick Cain (Resolve Philly) 

Hyperlocal Nonprofit News: Insights, Alliances and Opportunities

East Lansing Info and Eden Prairie Local News convened
hyperlocal newsrooms around long-term sustainability and
serving communities more effectively. Come for best practices on
journalistic impact, financial health and organizational resilience.
Leave as an alliance to meet our unique challenges.

Speakers: Steve Schewe (Eden Prairie Local News),
Alice Dreger (East Lansing Info)

Moderator: Bia Medious (Institute for Nonprofit News)

Maximizing Revenue to Maximize Impact with

Nonprofit publishers are faced with enormous challenges but
perhaps none as great as building and maintaining a solid financial
base. Learn how Newspack publishers are converting readers into
loyal visitors and supporters by leveraging the platform’s email,
membership, donation and other tools.

Speakers: Kim Bode (Newspack / Automattic), Vandana Kumar (India Currents), Irene McKisson (Arizona Luminaria), Norberto Santana (Voice of OC)

Tearing Down Taboos: Rethinking Transparency and Power to Transform Newsrooms

Hear from nonprofit media leaders and thought partners that are rethinking and reinventing the traditional top-down, hierarchical
approach of newsroom operations—everything from editorial
processes to HR—to transform the policies and culture of their
workplaces and give their staff more power and buy-in.

Speakers: Jean Friedman-Rudovsky (Resolve Philly),
Fareed Mostufi (Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting), John Davidow (Bridge Media Partners)

Moderator: Tara Francis Chan (The Appeal)

3:45 P.M. ET

How Spanish-Language News Can Impact Civic Engagement

Can community-centered media reduce misinformation and boost
civic engagement in Spanish-speaking communities? Hear what
a political scientist and three Spanish-language nonprofit news
outlets discovered about the connection between business models,
innovation and the impact of local media.

Speakers: Angelica Santibanez-Mendez (Enlace Latino NC), Madeleine Bair (El Tímpano), Maritza L. Félix (Conecta Arizona)
Yamil Velez (Columbia University)

9:00 A.M. ET

Talking about News that Binds: James Fallows, Wendi Thomas and Robert Moore

When the national narrative of political divides filters down to the
local level, what is a news outlet to do? Author James Fallows will
lead news publishers in a conversation about how local news can
bind—rather than separate—people of different political persuasions

Speakers: Robert Moore (El Paso Matters), Wendi Thomas (MLK50: Justice Through Journalism)

Moderator: James Fallows (Breaking the News, Substack)

10:15 A.M. ET

Advocating for Public Policy at the State Level: A New Funding Approach for Local News

Learn how to support legislative efforts in your state and help to promote long-term sustainability and accessibility of quality local
journalism. Panelists will share various approaches, demystify
policy-making mechanisms and discuss the role advocacy can play in bolstering local news ecosystems. Sponsored by Microsoft

Speakers: Ginny Badanes (Microsoft),
Steven Waldman (Rebuild Local News), Jim Malewitz (Wisconsin Watch)

Bringing the Big Picture on Audience Into Focus

What happens when you can finally see the big picture of your organization’s relationship with its audience? From newsletters to
events and donations, a modest investment showed Science Friday how its many audience touchpoints connect to build meaningful
relationships and forward its mission.

Speakers: Ariel Zych (Science Friday), Caitlin Lee (Caitlin Lee Consulting)

Continuing Coverage after the Collaboration Ends

Hear from a few of the newsrooms within the Rural News Network who continue to follow the storylines that originated in an INN editorial collaboration — why they do it, how and the results.

Speakers: Trip Jennings (New Mexico In Depth), Donna Ladd (Mississippi Free Press). Courtney Teague (Honolulu Civil Beat)

Moderator: Alana Rocha (Institute for Nonprofit News)

Why Metrics Matter & How to Set Your Fundraising Goals

In this hands-on workshop, the News Revenue Hub team will teach
you how to utilize key metrics to set effective fundraising targets and guide you through establishing relevant fundraising goals for your organization.

Speakers: Abbey Gingras & Will Warren (News Revenue Hub)

11:30 A.M. ET

Strategies, Visions & Opportunities for Funding Nonprofit News

Hear from nonprofit news funders and philanthropic leaders on
different strategies for investing in nonprofit journalism. Through
engaging discussions, they will articulate the vision for their
approach and provide valuable insight about what they see as needed for building a more robust funding ecosystem for news.

Speakers: Karen Rundlet (Knight Foundation), Sarabeth Berman (American Journalism Project), Tyler Tokarczyk (Inasmuch Foundation), Kina Collins (Democratizing Philanthropy Project)

Moderator: Courtney Lewis (Institute for Nonprofit News)



If you’re still looking for a place to stay, you can take advantage of George Washington University’s hotel discounts. We recommend booking through the links on this university webpage to take advantage of discounted lodging for on-campus visitors.

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