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Within 10 years, independent, nonprofit newsrooms will produce a significant share of the news consumed by most Americans about our civic life.

And that news will flow from newsrooms that reflect the full diversity of the communities they serve. When the American public needed us the most — with the Covid-19 pandemic, protests demanding racial justice, and a deeply divisive election — the nonprofit news sector reached a new level of impact. With more than 2,500 journalists grounded in newsrooms across the country, the nonprofit news field demonstrated that it can:

Of equal importance, 2020 affirmed that sustainable business models exist for journalism rooted in civic purpose rather than profit. INN creates an ecosystem where new forms of public service journalism are being discovered and developed, and many of the nation’s strongest journalists are supported through this network. While the news industry as a whole remains in crisis, the story of nonprofit news is growth, resilience and invention. To support the incredible individuals and organizations doing the work of nonprofit news and ensure this field grows even stronger, in 2020 INN:

The next few years will define the future of our free press, for generations. Nonprofit newsrooms are shaping this new era in news by restoring trusted reporting, the coverage that communities count on and engage with, and the facts and understanding around which people can come together. We invite you to read how we’re doing it, and join us, in reimagining and rebuilding news as a public good.

Sue Cross
Executive Director & CEO
Institute for Nonprofit News

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