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Nonprofit News & the INN Network

Nonprofit News & the INN Network

Who’s Your Source?

The Institute for Nonprofit News leads the INN Network – hundreds of independent, nonpartisan news organizations that are dedicated to high standards in journalism provided as a public service.

In a world of partisan echo chambers, nonprofit newsrooms that belong to the INN Network are your source for accurate, credible reporting driven by facts, not opinions. 

That’s because they answer to one bottom line: the truth. 

Nonprofit news offers a promising future for journalism: it’s inclusive, innovative, sustainable, and shared as a public service. Without paywalls or subscription fees, essential news and information is available to everyone – not just those who can afford it. 

Nonprofit news is created for, supported by, and committed to the communities it serves. Through reporters who have deep community ties and topical expertise, nonprofit news elevates untold stories, exposes wrongdoing, and provides the facts we need to make informed decisions. 

The mission of nonprofit news has never been more important: to give a voice to the people and protect our right to know what’s going on in our communities, our country and our world. 

INN Network at-a-glance

The INN Network is an alliance of news organizations committed to shared values that advance excellence in journalism, trust between the press and the public it serves, and best practices for the nonprofit news field.

INN members are 501c(3) organizations or similarly structured to provide news as a charitable service or public good. They set and meet membership standards that demonstrate journalistic quality, editorial independence and public transparency around the sources of their funding and their control.

INN Network members avoid advocating for policies or causes other than informing the communities they serve and the right of all people to freedom of information and speech. And they are working to build a more inclusive news media that represents the communities it serves.

These standards foster the practice of providing credible news as a public service. They also are the common link that enables news nonprofits to share news between communities and with each other to expand the public benefit of the stories they report.

400+ nonprofit news organizations across North America, sharing content with 7,000 media outlets

3 in 10 member staff are people of color

More than half of executives are women

Over 200% membership growth since 2017

Annual revenue across the field topped 
$750 million in 2022

73% of newsrooms cover local, regional or state news

15% of newsrooms dive deep on a single topic 

More than 90% of INN members survive past the startup phase

Get Involved

Trusted, reliable journalism is essential to the fabric of our societies. It holds the powerful to account. It inspires individuals to engage, volunteer, and vote. It protects our vulnerable democracy. 

Join us in creating a robust and equitable future for journalism.

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