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INN Listserv Terms of Use

These terms are in keeping with INN’s Value Statement, which reads, in part: 

“We value and support our colleagues and our network. We believe in a culture of collaboration, camaraderie, information sharing and mutual respect with our colleagues and members. We commit to communicating clearly and thoughtfully, to listening with care, and to always work toward our shared goal of an inclusive workplace and network that promotes great journalism and positive work environments for all people.”   

To join INN’s listservs, send a note to

Use of the main INN listserv 

INN’s main listserv, hosted by the University of Missouri, is open to all INN members. We expect to phase out this listserv in mid-2021 to move to a platform hosted by Until then, this remains the main INN listserv. 

Use of peer community subgroups

INN has established several peer communities that are using subgroup listservs on the platform. To join these peer communities, send an email to, specifying which group you wish to join. As of April 2021, the following listservs exist for these peer communities:

These terms are not exhaustive or complete. They serve to distill our common understanding of a collaborative, shared environment and common goals. 

Guidelines for Use of INN listservs


INN does not screen or pre-review posted content. Complaints about content may be directed to INN at 

Moderators: You can reach the list moderator by email:

Michelle Morgante, INN member network director,
Last update: April 2021

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