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INN’s research reveals strengths, challenges and opportunities for the nonprofit news field.

The Institute for Nonprofit News provides actionable research on nonprofit journalism for our members, partners and the wider field. Our research captures the progress and setbacks across the nonprofit news field and highlights the best practices and success stories that emerge from our members.

INN Index Reports & Fact Sheets

Recurring survey of members’ revenue, audiences, staffing, DEI and other indicators

Case Studies

Lessons learned and progress made by individual news organizations


How-to playbooks for practitioners, including guides for launching a new outlet and converting to a nonprofit

Compensation Study

Average salaries, benefits and more from across the field

Members-only Resource: Pods

Inform your news organization’s strategic planning through actionable benchmarking data and connections with other news outlets most similar to yours.

Interested in accessing data about the nonprofit news field?

Emily Roseman, Research Director & Editor

Emily leads the INN Index, an annual study of INN members and the most comprehensive source of data about the emerging nonprofit news field.

Ha Ta, Research Associate

Ha expands INN’s data analysis services and leads our new program, “Pods,” bringing better benchmarking to members.

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