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We’ve been tracking the industry since 2017. We’re here to help you get the answers you need about nonprofit news.

As the nonprofit news field rapidly changes and grows, INN tracks and studies what’s happening behind-the-scenes. Through exploring INN’s Index data and other research, you can learn what drives nonprofit news, how it’s funded, who it serves, and how we can continue expanding sources of high-quality information for the public.

The INN Index

Explore the latest revenue, staffing, DEI and audience data across the nonprofit news sector.

Pods (Members Only)

Inform your news organization’s strategic planning through actionable benchmarking data and connections with other news outlets most similar to yours.

Ask the Index

Get access to INN Index data or help from our research team for your study or project.

Case Studies

Explore lessons learned and progress made by individual news organizations.


Browse how-to playbooks for practitioners, including guides for launching a new outlet and converting to a nonprofit.

Compensation Study

Delve into average salaries, benefits and more from across the field.

Questions? Meet the INN staff members who can help.

Research Director & Editor

Emily Roseman

Emily Roseman leads the INN Index, the most comprehensive source of data about the emerging nonprofit news field, as well as the production of INN case studies.


Research Associate

Ha Ta

Ha Ta helps expand research and knowledge of the field by further developing INN’s data services and helping lead INN’s new Pods program.


For media related inquiries about the INN Index, please contact

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