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Commenting platform to more easily manage the conversation in your website’s comments

Use Coral’s Talk commenting platform to more easily manage the conversation in your website’s comments. Coral Talk is designed to help journalists better engage their communities and better allow community members to manage their own experience. The platform includes tools that help people mute other commenters, get updates about new comments and allows journalists to be highlighted when they join a discussion. Plus, for comment moderators, the service uses AI to make moderation less burdensome. It also integrates with Slack, so notifications come right to where your team is already working. Coral’s Talk comments can be run for free as an open source project, or as a managed and hosted solution provided by Coral at a discount to INN members.

Coral Talk can be run in three ways:

About: Founded as a collaboration between The New York Times, The Washington Post and Mozilla, Coral has become a leading voice in online community engagement. Now part of Vox Media, Coral and its Talk platform helps millions of readers interact with journalists through better moderation tools, more focused strategy and best-in-class technology for website comments.

Rate: Rates and fees depend on whether news organizations sign up for a managed and hosted solution, just need consulting help to install and configure the open source software, or are prepared to install and run Coral’s open source software without any assistance. Coral offers INN members a 10% discount off their standard customization/installation rate ($200/hr), as well as 10% discount off of the standard fee for the managed installation. In addition, all news organizations that sign up for the hosted solution and pay for a full year of the service up-front receive one month of service free.

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