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In the evolving digital landscape, it’s crucial for news organizations to reduce their dependence on technology platforms. Social media services are reducing the visibility of news content in their feed, search engine referral traffic fluctuates with algorithm updates, and generative AI threatens to further cannibalize referral traffic.

DigestBuilder powers a modern mobile news experience with:

About: DigestBuilder is a mobile app platform built for nonprofit news organizations to connect directly with readers and help them grow audience and revenue with one-tap mobile payments. Mobile devices are an integral part of our daily lives, and mobile apps can deliver a differentiated experience that encourages habitual readership and allows friction-less donations.

Rate: DigestBuilder provides INN members with a monthly plan or a discounted annual plan, featuring unlimited seats. There are no setup fees, and members get exclusive access to “White-glove” onboarding, consultation hours with the DigestBuilder founders, and a price-lock guarantee.

Schedule a Zoom with us for a demo of the platform and mention your INN membership.

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