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INN Wealth Screening Services

Access member-only wealth screening to evaluate a donor’s potential financial capability to give

Wealth screens evaluate a donor’s potential financial capability to give to an organization. They are a valuable part of major donor cultivation because they can give you important insight into how much a donor could give to your organization. They also illuminates which donors you should focus on, ensuring that you’re using your valuable time on the right people.

Once you’ve performed a wealth screening, you can also take it a step further and produce a donor profile to gather additional information to inform your next steps. These verification profiles will provide you with information and confidence to determine a specific ask amount.

This resource is a part of INN’s Network Philanthropy Center, our home base for resources to help newsrooms grow philanthropic giving.

Wealth Screenings

Submit donor records for our team to screen for you.

INN can take some of the work load off of you by performing wealth screenings for your organization. You can provide our team with a list of the donors to screen and we will provide your with a report outlining their giving potential and more. By doing so, you’ll also be given guided materials and invited to webinar events to help you understand your report and guide your next steps.

Pricing: Each calendar year, INN will perform wealth screening on your first 1,000 contacts at no cost. Beyond the first 1,000 names, INN charges $.20 per submitted donor name.

We encourage you to screen all of your donors — the idea being that you don’t know which of your small dollar donors are potential major donors. If you can’t screen all of your donor file, we recommend screening a significant portion of your donor file, even if it exceeds 1,000 names. Please note that it can take up to three weeks to receive your wealth screening results after your donor file submission.

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