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Media Insurance Assistance

Protect your newsroom from lawsuits – and keep reporting

Preferred Insurance Program

INN has established relationships with multiple leading providers of insurance for media and nonprofit organizations, leveraging the size of our network to obtain preferred policies for our members and allied journalism organizations.

Lawsuits can and do happen in the practice of investigative journalism, regardless of how baseless the claims may be. Even if a case is eventually found in favor of a nonprofit publisher, the legal fees can be exorbitant and sometimes crippling. So INN strongly recommends that all independent news organizations carry insurance and helps members secure coverage.

The program is open to all INN members.

INN’s how-to guide to Buying Media Insurance is available to INN members; email to get a copy.

See also: Buying media insurance – webinar (2020 version)

Lines of Coverage

The INN program includes three types of coverage that are highly recommended for independent news organizations. Organizations may participate in the program for any or all three:

Benefits of Joining the Program

Contact: To learn more or join the program, contact Rina Hamzey at Endless Insurance Services and ask about the INN preferred program. Phone number: (760) 227-5370. When you do, you’ll be asked if you are an INN member or to name your allied organization. Note: It is important for us to know your organization has joined in order to receive continued philanthropic support for this insurance program.

 See also: Buying media insurance – webinar

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