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  • INN Calls On Facebook to Withdraw Cease & Desist on Ad Research Tool

    Along with 40+ organizations that stand against political misinformation and manipulation, the Institute for Nonprofit News calls on Facebook to withdraw its cease and desist demand for the Ad Observer plug-in tool. Ad Observer allows journalists and researchers to better understand the political misinformation and manipulation that spreads daily on Facebook.

  • El mayor aumento de casos de coronavirus en Chicago está en el suroeste, donde los grupos suplican por más pruebas

    En dos códigos postales mayoritariamente latinos, uno de cada 18 residentes ha dado positivo en coronavirus. Se necesitan más pruebas para ayudar a los residentes del área  —muchos de los cuales son trabajadores esenciales— a “sobrevivir a esta pandemia”, dijeron líderes locales.

  • INN-led Collaboration Wins Great Lakes Protection Fund Award

    Today, The Great Lakes Protection Fund — the world’s first endowment focused on promoting a healthy ecosystem — named the Institute for Nonprofit News one of six winners of the 2020 Great Lakes Leadership Award. The award recognizes the "From Rust to Resilience" collaboration’s outstanding storytelling efforts to connect people to the challenges facing the Great Lakes and actions they can take to address these threats.

  • How Five Newsrooms Benefited from NewsMatch this Year

    Last week, we announced in partnership with News Revenue Hub and The Miami Foundation that more than 260 nonprofit newsrooms will be participating in the fifth annual NewsMatch campaign, the largest matching giving campaign in nonprofit news launching Nov. 1.

  • Advocates work to protect Little Village street vendors from COVID-19

    Social workers carry messages about measures to prevent contagion and preserve the health of street vendors and essential workers in coronavirus-impacted communities This article, originally published in Spanish by La Raza, is available in English thanks to the “Translating Chicago News” project, by the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN). By Belhú Sanabria While wearing masks and lining up to buy tamales, refreshments, or pudding rice, Little Village neighbors curiously read an informative flyer posted on the traveling cart ‘Lorraine’s Tamales’.

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– Mary Brown, Voice of San Diego

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