Largo Project

Many of INN’s members are small shops without a dedicated technology staff and small to non-existent budgets to invest in web design and development. At the same time, many of the packaged themes available for WordPress are not tailored to the specific requirements of news organizations, and finding and hiring developers to customize them can end in exorbitant costs and unmet needs.

Enter Largo, a responsive WordPress theme developed by INN’s tech team with features intended for news production and presentation. The theme is flexible enough that no two Largo sites look alike, while remaining easy-to-use for both new producers and consumers. Best of all, it’s totally free. Our team will even help INN members set it up.

Largo has its roots in NPR's Argo, which was a project to build a set of tools for topic-focused sites in WordPress. Once the two-year grant ran out, NPR open-sourced the code. INN built upon that code to create a more flexible framework called Largo (or Longform-Argo) in 2012.

Today, Largo is used by more than 100 sites, with about one-third being INN members. We recently released version 0.4 of the project, with updates that include custom homepage layouts, cleaner article templates, simplified navigation and powerful admin tools.

See some examples on the Largo project page.

Follow @LargoProject for updates and email for with questions.