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INN Peer Communities

Want to talk with people who have similar jobs or work at organizations that are similar to yours? Tell us about yourself and we’ll add you to the Peer Community Slack channels that interest you. Each of the 11 channels are facilitated by a Community Leader who has volunteered to help spark conversations in the channels, connect members to one another and steer you toward INN resources. 

The News Fundraising Community is open to both INN members and non-members. All other communities are only open to INN members — including staff, board members and regular freelancers. 

Learn more about each of our Peer Communities:

Dos Mundos 

For: Bilingual, multilingual or Spanish-language newsrooms
Community Leader: Nissa Rhee, Borderless

Local Focus 

For: Newsrooms focused on local communities, neighborhoods or cities
Community Leader: Dylan Smith, Tucson Sentinel


For: INN members in the great Midwest
Community Leader: Nina Ignaczak, Planet Detroit

News Fundraising

For: Development professionals in journalism
Community Leader: Janice Thompson, The Harpswell Anchor


For: COOs and others leading operations
Community Leader: Sally Gonzalez, Better Government Association


For: Photographers, photo editors and others with a hand in photography
Community Leader: Luna Archey, High Country News


For: Newsrooms covering rural communities and topics
Community Leader: OPEN


For: Newsrooms focused on a single topic (i.e., education, health, environment)
Community Leader: Christian Skotte, Grist


For: Early-stage newsrooms
Community Leaders: John Adams, Montana Free Press; Chris Cobler, Fort Worth Report


For: Newsrooms covering their state governments
Community Leader: Dee Hall, Wisconsin Watch

Tech Stars

For: Those looking for a place to talk newsroom-related technology
Community Leader: Ben Hymans, Eden Prairie Local News

Users of INN Slack channels agree to build environments that are welcoming, supportive and free of harassment. Review our Community Terms of Use here.

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