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Insurance Assistance

To protect nonprofit, independent reporting, INN has compiled resources for insurance coverage.

INN has established relationships with multiple leading providers of insurance for media and nonprofit organizations, leveraging the size of our network to obtain preferred policies for our members and allied journalism organizations.

Lawsuits can and do happen in the practice of investigative journalism, regardless of how baseless the claims may be. Even if a case is eventually found in favor of a nonprofit publisher, the legal fees can be exorbitant and sometimes crippling. So INN strongly recommends that all independent news organizations carry insurance and helps members secure coverage.

The program is open to all INN members and members of partner networks, including the Local Independent Online News Publishers (LION Publishers) and The Media Consortium.

INN’s how-to guide to Buying Media Insurance is available to INN members; email to get a copy.

See also: Buying media insurance – webinar (2020 version)

Lines of Coverage

The INN program includes three types of coverage that are highly recommended for independent news organizations. Organizations may participate in the program for any or all three:

  • Media liability, which protects companies and individuals against claims made by clients for inadequate work or negligent actions, often covering both court costs and any settlements up to the policy limit.
  • Directors and officers, which provides necessary coverage to your officers and board who are assuming personal liabilities in order to serve your organization.
  • General liability, which protects against injuries or accidents that may occur on your company’s property.

Benefits of Joining the Program

  • The preferred policies are through an A-rated carrier, with the broadest coverage and policy specifics customized specifically for independent, nonprofit, online newsrooms.
  • Our preferred policies has an extremely broad definition of “media incident,” which includes but is not limited to cover:
    • infringement of copyright, false attribution of authorship, failure to attribute authorship, failure to recognize creative moral rights pursuant to a written agreement, passing off, plagiarism, piracy or misappropriation of ideas under implied contract, infringement or dilution of trademark, trade name, trade dress, libel, slander, trade liberl, product disparagement or any other form of defamation or harm to the character, feelings or reputation of any person or entity, invasion of or interference with the right of privacy, publicity or private occupancy, wrongful entry or eviction, trespass, harassment or stalking.
  • While premiums are largely determined by individual applications, the INN program leverages the size of our network to improve access and potentially lower cost.
  • You will have access to INN tipsheets and training to help understand the media insurance market and fill out an individual application that can minimize your risk and premiums.
  • The program can minimize the time and uncertainty of shopping on the insurance market, as you are working with a program and broker familiar with the needs of independent news outlets. That said, each organization’s circumstances vary and INN encourages all members to fully explore any option to find insurance that fits your publication.
  • Access. New publications sometimes have difficulty establishing broker or insurer relationships because they do not have a track record on which an insurer can base risk assessments. Your INN membership – and the journalism standards that membership represents – can help news startups get an initial policy.

Contact: To learn more or join the program, contact Rina Hamzey at Endless Insurance Services and ask about the INN preferred program. Phone number: (760) 227-5371. When you do, you’ll be asked if you are an INN member or to name your allied organization. Note: It is important for us to know your organization has joined in order to receive continued philanthropic support for this insurance program.

 See also: Buying media insurance – webinar

Media liability insurance is a significant investment for newsrooms, and can be complicated to acquire. As part of INN’s 2020 insurance program, all INN members are eligible for a one-time consultation with insurance consultants.

Services include:

Media Risk Consultants will consult with INN member entities to help complete applications for media liability insurance. Each member will be eligible for a one-hour consultation during 2020, in conjunction with their normal insurance renewal cycle. Members should fill out the form below and attach current and past applications, as well as current policies.

The consulting provided by the principals of Media Risk Consultants LLC is not legal advice and should not be construed as such nor does it create an attorney-client relationship.  Media Risk Consultants does not sell insurance or otherwise act as an insurance broker.  An insurance broker or agent is an indispensable part of the insurance process and should be actively involved.  We cannot guarantee that media liability insurance will be offered to INN members or that the terms, if offered, will be acceptable.

About: Media Risk Consultants LLC provides experienced insurance and risk management advice. Media exposures have become increasingly complex, leaving many news organizations and brokers behind the curve. Experienced, knowledgeable and independent oversight will improve the coverage and price of your media liability policy. Risk management and in-house legal departments are often understaffed and overworked, impairing important internal information gathering, assessment and claim management. MRC provides an economical and efficient way for you to outsource that work.

Access media insurance consultations

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