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Q&A Series: How nonprofit newsrooms serve communities of color

February 2022

How is nonprofit news meeting the needs of communities of color?

In this Q&A series, leaders from INN’s member news organizations address this central question. Responses range from creating new coverage areas, distribution channels, partnerships, fellowships, and above all, creating trust in communities served.

This Q&A series was facilitated by INN’s Sara Shahriari and Emily Roseman, with responses from various INN member newsrooms and editing by Rachel Kaminer

Read more about this work in our post on INNsights.

Q&A with Ron Smith

How Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service builds cycles of trust between newsroom and community

Q&A with Vandana Kumar

How India Currents engages audiences authentically with a community storyteller program

Q&A with Giles Morris & Sarad Davenport

How Charlottesville Tomorrow and Vinegar Hill Magazine’s partnership created a ripple effect

Q&A with Keri Mitchell

How Dallas Free Press uses text messages and community events to show up as a neighbor, rather than an outsider

Q&A with Irene Romulo

How Cicero Independiente identifies community information needs

Preguntas y respuestas con Irene Romulo

Cómo identifica Cicero Independiente las necesidades informativas de la comunidad

Q&A with Mareea Thomas

How WNIN shares people’s stories in their own words

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